Merrell Mix Master Review

ImageI recently purchased the Merrell Mix Master Move Glide running shoe after what felt like months of trying on every different running shoe I came across. Needless to say, I think I have found one that is close to perfect for me.

Whilst I am mainly a road runner and these shoes are designed with the road in mind, they work perfectly for the little sections of trail and beach that sometimes make an appearance on my running routes.
I have never owned a pair of Merrell running shoes before as I have always kept myself to the ‘mainstream’ brands like Nike and Asics, however, I am more than happy I decided to branch out.

The first feature that amazed me about the Mix Master was how light it was. It’s not quite a barefoot running shoe (which Merrell also offer) but it was certainly lighter than any other running shoe I have owned. The upper mesh part of the shoe gives it it’s lightness, but the sturdy cushioned sole gives you all the protection and grip you need on the road.
I am always a little wary when it comes to sizing of running shoes and my feet, but these fit like a glove. They’re not too tight, but I don’t have so much room that my foot is sliding everywhere, causing me to lose grip.

So, they feel great, but how do they look?
I am drastically impressed with the range of colours this shoe comes in and deciding what colour to get became a task in itself. They range from subtle navy all the way up to fluorescent green. It would also appear that other people are pretty impressed with the design and colour scheme of my shoe (pictured above), as I have had many compliments from fellow runners and members of my rowing club!

If you’re thinking about purchasing the Mix Master, I suggest heading down to your nearest Merrell store and giving them a try. As soon as I tried them on, I knew they were the shoe for me. They fit perfectly, they’re wonderfully light and they haven’t let me down yet!


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